Holistic Kinesiology

Focused on the emotional and chemical aspects

The word “Holos” comes from the Greek and means EVERYTHING. In this sense, holistic kinesiology presents us a vision in which we can see the organism as a whole, in which every part is integrated: soul, body and mind. So the holistic kinesiology works based on biochemical, emotional, lymphatic and nervous mechanisms, during both the diagnosis of diseases and disorders and the therapies.


The Holistic Kinesiology is a diagnosis and therapeutic system that uses the reflection test of the arm’s length (Arm Reflex), developed by the belgian osteopath Raphael Van Assche, Magister in Osteopathy and Director of the Osteopathy School of Vienna.

This method allow us to establish a sort of a dialogue with the inner doctor that we all have.  To find the right way in which the treatment must begin and the possible causes of a symptom. Through the AR test it is determined the preferred modality of the treatment at any time, which could be manual therapy, a psycho-emotional intervention, metabolic or energetic.

The Holistic Kinesiology allows discovering the imbalances on the human body when they occur and this will allow us to have the right time to do the proper adjustments in order to achieve body balance, so we would be practicing a primary intervention.