The Tantric Massage

Is a healing method, coming from the traditional Tantric Shivaism of Kashmir,  more than 5,000 years ago in northern India.

The Tantra massage is a step towards spiritual and bodily fulfillment, a means to channel and move energy.


What often comes to mind with the “Tantra massage” is sexuality. Although the use of sexual energy is a well-known part of the tantric teachings, there is much more to this spiritual science.

The Tantra massage allows one to explore one’s spirituality, opens a door to a new way of being.

It relieves mental and emotional stress, clearing the mind and letting go of negative thought patterns. Allows greater sensitivity to subtle energy flow and removes energy blockages

Western society tends to repress sexuality. It often leaves both genders clueless about their sexual capabilities, often making the act itself as something mechanic. Tantra and Tantra massage have the unique potential to change that. They open an exciting gateway to spiritual evolution, which will touch your soul in ways you cannot explain.

The tantric massage is to surrender to the present moment, when the mind surrenders to the heart.

It is not about achieving a marked goal. The expectation keeps the mind limited and in the ego that seeks the objective, rather than the unlimited or purely observer mind which can open to the unknown…



We will begin with an interview to have an overview of your situation and what might be useful to you during the session. You can talk about any specific needs, concerns and limits you may have

At the beginning of the massage, I will ask you to breathe deeply and consciously to relax and bring more energy to the body. You will learn how to use the breath to improve the experience during the massage.

We will continue with a welcome ritual. It consists of a welcome and honor to your person.

Then I’ll invite you to lie on the futon to receive a massage of the whole body with relaxing, sensual and energetic strokes


Sacred Spots Massage (Lingam and Sacred Cavity or male genitals in men and Yoni or female genitals in women.)

You can express yourself with the body or if any sounds comes through the mouth. This will expand the experience


OPTIONAL: SEXUAL HEALING OF KAHULA (after Lingam / yoni massage):

Recognition and massage of the sacred points of the anal cavity in the man and the vaginal cavity in the woman.

For men

Its therapeutic benefits include creating more connection between sexuality and heart and prostate health benefits. It can also clear away feelings of dirtiness, guilt and shame around sexuality and in general

For women

to connect love and sex as one energy, to free the body-mind of guilt and shame around sexuality, to discover the sanctity of our body-temple, to release sexual traumas.

And remember:

It is not just about touching the physical body, the therapist connects with the receiver at the level of the mind, heart, body and soul, reaching in an altered state of consciousness where both participants feel open, nourished, energized.

Conscious touch and with love

and now … breath!