Kunanik was created by the Therapist Daniel Uribe in Monterrey, Mexico. The name means healer in the Maya language. Maya massage techniques, mentalism within the hermetic philosophy (Egypt), TAO’s knowledge (China), the CHI flowing inside the body and the internal organs functions, are the fundamentals that have made Kunanik an effective therapy, with instantaneous results in releasing and managing the emotions since the first session.

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Kunanik works with the second brain of the body (enteric system) and the energy of the internal organs or “the internal transformation of the organs’ Chi”. The bad processed emotional charges cause us stress, obstructing and interfering with the energy or the organs’ Chi. The Chi feeds the organs allowing them to develop their functions in a balanced way. An imbalance or obstruction of this Chi can generate disharmony that in the first moment will be expressed as emotional issue and if it isn’t solve in time, will be also a physical issue.

Is an alternative therapy about physical-energetic manipulation, in which are released the different disharmonies of the body in the physical, mental and emotional areas. It works on the abdominal area and the head. The technique is focused on the stress releasing factors that keep the body with disharmony and at the same time make easy for the body to heal by itself with its own tools.

For what Kunanik could work for us?

It works to release the disharmonies that exist on the person. With this release the human being increases its life quality.

How can impact Kunanik on the emotions?

Kunanik does not work directly with the emotions, but with the body mechanism that causes them.

When we apply the Kunanik therapy?

It is applied when there are physical and emotional situations that obstruct the harmony in your body and your mind. It is also considered a preventive therapy, as it works on different symptoms such as insomnia, digestive disorders, nervous colitis, lack of energy, stress, depression, anxiety, irritability, over concerning, guilty, unconformity, sadness and many symptoms that are interfering on your way to reach the happiness.