Project Description


8 feet of goat skin, a beechwood circle of 41 cm of diameter, 1 pencil, 1 ruler, 1 skin scissors, 1 hole punch.


  • Place the wooden circle on the skin and draw with the pencil the diameter.
  • Measure 14.5 cm from the 41 cm diameter on the external side and mark several points with the pencil. Unite the points drawing the circumference and cut the skin. We will get a 219.8 cm diameter circumference.
  • With the rest of the skin make 24 strips of about 1 cm x 65 cm and other strips of 2 cm x 65 cm approximately.
  • Soak the skin and the strips until they get softer.
  • A time about 3 hours.
  • Stretch the end of the strips, one at the time, softly, to enlarge them.
  • Divide the 219.8 circumference on 24 (number of strips) – 9.1 cm. Mark a point every 9.1 cm and then make holes with the hole punch.
  • Round the parts of the wooden circle with sand paper.
  • Use 4 strips of 2 cm to build the central ring in which the chords will be placed.
  • Stretch the skin on its borders.
  • Put the strips on the holes, tie them to the ring, stretching. Repeat the process until they get rigid. (Once dry, will be more rigid).
  • With the rest of the strips, make as in the image and wrap the strips as in the picture. Will be as handgrips.

Then, let it get dry. Cover the handgrips with wool to get them soft. It can be added feathers or drawings or what you like to add. And now… it’s time to play!!!!