Project Description

I felt a call, something ancestral, tribal, musical, and I decided to go where my heart was asking me. In December 2015, I started my backpacking trip.

First stop Mexico: I lived the first part of my path more as a tourist, visiting amazing places, knowing people that opened to me their doors and their hearts. I share moments singing, laughing, and crying… until I found a Maya therapy course called Kunanik, with a fantastic teacher and an equally great teaching method. It seemed to be something magical for me… and it really was!

There I had my first encounter with a shaman and my experience with the medicinal plant ayahuasca… Really unique!

Then I followed my trip and got a flight to Peru where, between the Titicaca Lake and Machu Picchu, I met people in which I reflected myself as in a mirror, knowing myself more and more… disconnecting myself on the nature and connecting to the Mother Earth, making her offerings, asking for her forgiveness, asking for her permission and thanking a medicine man which helped me to wake up…